No more moving circus

Pressemeddelelse LYMEC:

Venstres Ungdoms paraplyorganisation LYMEC repræsenterer liberale og socialliberale ungdomspartier I Europa. En af de mærkesager,  de bruger meget tid på er at få bremset det rejsecirkus, der finder sted for europaparlamentsmedlemmerne. Læs deres pressemeddelelse nedenfor:

The parliamentarians in the European Parliament have called the EU leaders for a meeting to discuss that they want to move the seats from Strasbourg and Luxembourg. They threaten to delay their approval of the 2009-budget for the Council of ministers until later this year.

LYMEC President, Alexander Plahr, states: “The Liberal Group, ALDE, has for years pointed out that we could save EU-money on the stupid moving of the European Parliament from Brussels to Strasbourg. LYMEC supports our MEP’s fully in this case. It is better to spend the money on real policies and projects.”

LYMEC Vice-President, Mette Lykke Nielsen, adds: ”The moving between Strasbourg and Brussels is a part of a very old historic agreement. Time has changed and it is time that the leaders of Europe take their responsibility. The EU institutions should be the leading example when it comes to change the EU policies. The EU wants to decrease the CO-2 emissions – but the travel between Strasbourg and Brussels doesn’t help in that decreasing that at all.

LYMEC President, Alexander Plahr ends: “It is time that the Parliament uses its role as discharge authority and puts pressure on the leaders of Europe. Europe is currently in a financial crisis and 160 million euro could be saved if they scrap this old agreement. Something needs to be done.”

Internationalt Udvalg samarbejder med vores EU-ordfører om at holde den liberale fane højt i LYMEC og f.eks. derigennem i Europaparlamentet. For mere information kontakt venligst formanden for Internationalt Udvalg, Nanna Østergaard, på eller 28188619.